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Stiebel Eltron

WPL Classic

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Set a new standard in new build

This appliance makes use of advanced inverter technology to deliver a pleasingly high level of efficiency.

Assured of the perfect supply

With its high quality equipment features, this heat pump ensures that you have the best possible supply of DHW in your home at all times. The cooling function is included.

Install everything from one set

Our sets range from complete system solutions to flexible combinations with one of our buffer or DHW cylinders. We have already integrated a large proportion of the requisite system technology into the set, such as the hydraulic module and connecting components. This allows the installer to set up the appliance with minimal effort, without needing a lot of space.

Available in: 8.5kW



Product Features
  • Ideal for new build
  • Inverter technology for high efficiency and low energy bills
  • Low noise emissions due to intelligent appliance design
  • Operating noise can be further reduced in night mode ("silent mode")
  • Optional integration into the home network and control via smartphone (additional components required)
  • Attractively priced entry into heat pump technology
  • Flow temperatures of up to 60 °C for your DHW convenience

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