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Indirect Hot Water Cylinder

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The SUPER COIL – SC Indirect stainless steel unvented Hot Water Cylinder is designed for connection to a gas boiler. It has a unique patented design making installation quick and efficient and is the most space efficient cylinder available. In conjunction with a System boiler the SUPER COIL becomes a part pre-plumbed cylinder. SC has a 25 year warranty.

It incorporates concealed wiring, and a unique design with the blending valve, temperature & pressure relief valve and expansion vessels, motorised valve and all pipework hidden under a lid. All of the connections are on top of the cylinder making the SC cylinder fast and easy to install. When tested in real life conditions, more SC cylinders were installed in the same time as our competitors’ products due to the unique design. SC cylinders also has a smooth limescale resistant heating coil ensuring efficient heat transfer.

The SC comes as standard with an ultra grade INCOTEC immersion heater as backup which can be connected to Solar panels with appropriate connection interface.

SC range to 210 litres can share a footprint with a washing machine, using additional washing machine frame.



Product Features
  • Labour saving up to 70%
  • Pre-plumbed unit for system boiler
  • Integral expansion vessels
  • Shortest cylinder system in the market
  • Unique space efficiency
  • Unique patented design with a 25 year warranty
  • Pipes and cables hidden
  • Fitting template provided
  • Maintenance friendly

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