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Vitocal 350-G

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This high temperature ground source heat pump is suitable for existing properties with a higher heating demand load.   This solutions, comes in four output sizes, The Vitocal 350-G provides both heating and hot water and can deliver flow temperatures of up to 70°C.  Suitable for running with existing heating distribution systems.

Available in: 20.5kW to 104.6kW



Product Features
  • Low running costs - high COP of up to 5.0
  • High DHW convenience
  • Low running costs with the highest level of efficiency at any operating point through the innovative Refrigerant Cycle Diagnostic system (RCD) with electronic expansion valve (EEV)
  • Mono mode operation for central and DHW heating
  • Extremely quiet operation through sound-optimised appliance design
  • Flow temperatures of up to 70°C thanks to EVI compressor for high DHW convenience
  • Easy to use Vitotronic control unit with plain text and graphic display for weather-compensated heating mode and natural or active cooling
  • Master/slave solutions for higher heat demands, e.g. combination with the Vitocal 300-G
  • Low noise and vibration emissions through sound-optimised appliance design
  • Energy efficiency class* A++ / A++

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