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As well as space heating, domestic hot water also contributes to the comfort of a home. There are various methods of providing warm or hot water. In addition to decentralised heating of water via an instantaneous water heater or DHW cylinder, the entire building can be supplied with DHW via the central heating system. Provided there is a DHW cylinder. For this purpose, Viessmann offers a wide range of products to adapt to individual user needs. This is because, in addition to the number of people living in a building and the associated DHW consumption, numerous other factors also play a role; such as space requirements or options for DHW heating via a solar thermal system.

But in addition to DHW cylinders for hot water for washing up or showering, the Viessmann Vitocell product range also includes buffer cylinders. As the name suggests, a heating water buffer cylinder holds heating water that is not used at the time of heating and is stored temporarily.

Vitocell 300-V Water Cylinder

The Vitocell 300-V is a special type of DHW cylinder. Its cylinder is made of high grade stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant cylinder is characterised by its hygienic, food safe surface quality. A protective anode for additional corrosion protection measures is not needed. This avoids additional running costs from the outset.

Vitocell 300-V DHW cylinders made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel meet the highest requirements. Stainless steel is used in kitchens, laboratories, hospitals and the food processing industry for good reason, as it offers excellent hygienic properties. The homogeneous surface of stainless steel retains these characteristics even after many years of use.

Rapid, even heat-up via large indirect coils ensures a high level of DHW convenience at all times. Finally, water is optimally heated via indirect coil reaching down to the cylinder floor heats the entire water content. Vacuum-insulated panel (up to 300 litres) ensures low heat losses.

Cylinder capacity: 160 to 500 litres.

Vitocell 100-L Direct Water Cylinder

By adding the Vitotrans 222 (80, 120 and 240 kW) supplied as an accessory, the Vitocell 100-L forms a cylinder loading system for DHW heating. The heat exchanger set consists of a plate heat exchanger, fittings and pumps as well as thermal insulation.

Cylinder capacity: 500 to 2000 litres

Vitocell 300-B Twin Coil Cylinder

With two indirect coils; the lower one receives heat input from the solar collectors and the upper one is used for reheating by the heat generator as required.

Capacity: 300 and 500 litres

Vitocell 160-E Buffer Tank

For storing heating water in conjunction with solar thermal systems, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers. With internal indirect coil for connection to solar collectors and stratification system. Version to DIN 4753.

Cylinder capacity: 750 and 950 litres

Vitocell 140-E Buffer Tank

For storing heating water in conjunction with solar thermal systems, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers. With internal indirect coil for connection to solar collectors. Version to DIN 4753.

Cylinder capacity: 400 to 950 litres

Vitocell 100-E Buffer Tank

The Vitocell 100-E is a versatile heating water buffer cylinder, available in numerous versions. Subject to version, it can be combined in parallel with multiple heat generators and heat consumers. This is ensured, among other things, by multiple flow and return connections as well as additional connections for measuring points. The Vitocell 100-E is particularly suitable in conjunction with solar thermal systems, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers.

The Vitocell 100-E heating water buffer cylinder is available with different cylinder capacities. The Vitocell 100-E type SVPB with a cylinder capacity of up to 2000 litres is ideal for high heating demand. To increase the volume of heat pump heating systems, on the other hand, type SVP/SVPA with only 46 litres for wall mounting is more suitable.

Cylinder capacity of 46 to 2000 litres

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