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Vaillant System Cylinders

uniSTOR's large surface area and smooth coil design maximises heat transfer

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Vaillant System Cylinders

The uniSTOR heat pump cylinder range has been designed to work in harmony with Vaillant heat pumps, to provide highly efficient heating and hot water systems. uniSTOR's large surface area and smooth coil design maximises heat transfer, to ensure connected Vailllant heat pumps run at their optimum efficiency, to reduce running costs and increase hot water performance.

uniSTOR slimline pre-plumbed cylinder

The pre-plumbed slimline uniSTOR cylinder has been designed with the installer in mind. Its smaller size makes it perfect for space sensitive installations, as well as improving installation times. The cylinder has a specifically designed smooth bore coil, which is purposefully placed to ensure optimum heat transfer within the compact cylinder. The slimline cylinder still offers high performance with a low standby loss of 1.8kW per 24 hours ensuring the hot water stays hot all day long.

uniSTOR pre-plumbed cylinder

The pre-plumbed uniSTOR heat pump cylinder range comes in 200, 250, and 300 litre capacities. The pre-plumbed range is designed to simplify installation and comes with inline connections and a mounting plate for controls, all sized to accommodate the heat pump interface.

uniSTOR standard cylinder

The standard uniSTOR heat pump cylinder is available in 150, 200, 250, and 300 litres. Each cylinder uses the latest thermal injected insulation for the lowest heat losses in its class, with as little as 1kW per 24 hours. The strategically positioned large diameter smooth bore coil provides optimum hot water performance and automatically de-scales to ensure long term efficient hot water generation.

uniSTOR large capacity cylinder

The Vaillant cylinder range includes two large capacity cylinders and a complete range of accessories. The 500 and 800 litre models have impressive coil sizes, of 4.7m2 and 7m2 which are manufactured using high grade stainless steel, and pass the highest Vaillant standards and quality control requirements.

In addition, a comprehensive range of accessories are available which includes a choice of unvented cylinder kits, compatible expansion vessels, and a 7.5kW immersion (800 litre only). This provides the installer and specifier with maximum flexibility during design and installation.

Both cylinders can also be easily cascaded to generate higher requirements for hot water. Vaillant’s dedicated technical designers can advise on any project for additional support and peace of mind.

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