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The heat pump can be used for the majority of properties as this model can deliver flow temperatures of up to 75 °C. Therefore, providing both space heating and hot water all year round efficiently. This ground source heat pump with output-dependent control and inverter technology is installed indoors. The high level of integration simplifies installation whilst the small footprint means that it does not take up much space. Mono mode is possible for both heating and DHW heating.

Available in: 4.2kW, 6.6kW&7.6kW,12.7kW& 14.8kW



Product Features
  • High degree of DHW convenience and mono mode heating thanks to high flow temperatures of up to 75 °C
  • Pressure monitoring in the heat source circuit with integral brine pressure switch
  • Quick, space saving installation thanks to built-in DHW cylinder and high level of integration
  • Inverter technology allows ideally matched heating output through the variable speed compressor
  • Very quiet operation thanks to the intelligent sound prevention concept including a number of anti-vibration mounts
  • Futureproof and eco-friendly refrigerant with high efficiency
  • Easy to transport as the refrigerant circuit and cylinder module can be separated from one another and are fitted with integral carrying handles

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