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aroTHERM is Vaillant’s second generation air-to-water heat pump range. Developed in-line with the exacting standards and precision engineering you would expect when you choose Vaillant.

aroTHERM heat pumps can be integrated into domestic heating systems with ease, causing minimal disruption to the homeowner. They also eliminate the need for on-site fuel storage and can be used as part of an efficient all-electric heating solution. Furthermore, aroTHERM offers excellent energy savings compared to alternatives like standard electric, LPG or oil, especially as all Vaillant heat pumps are MCS accredited and may therefore be eligible for government funding. They can also reduce carbon emissions, whilst offering a more sustainable heating solution than oil and LPG sources.

Available in: 5.0kW, 8.0kW, 11.0kW & 15.0kW



Product Features
  • Compact size for easy siting - Possible to fit 5kW, 8kW and 11kW models under a standard window
  • Quiet operation - Sound power as low as 58dB(A) (5kW) with permitted planning available as low as three metres
  • Blue fin coated evaporator with anti-hydro coating - Gives improved performance and extra protection against corrosion
  • Ability to cascade up to seven aroTHERM heat pumps - Suitable for larger domestic and commercial properties
  • Solid case design with in-built anti-vandalism measure - No requirement for extra vandalism cages

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