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Easy individual room controls

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Easytron is a wireless time and temperature control system for radiators and/or underfloor heating for use with Stiebel Eltron heat pumps


The decision to use a heat pump is an important step towards greater fuel independence. The EASYTRON Connect single-room control system makes the operation of the heat pump heating even more efficient. Easytron's intelligent controls automatically ensures that the heat pump re-regulates for both added comfort and efficiency by monitoring each room and only providing the required amount of heat as required. 

Controlled from your mobile for ease of use

With its simple app interface you can see and adjust set temperatures for each room individually. Control via your mobile offers the benefits of remote control - you can turn on and adjust heating patterns even when you are away on holiday.

Cost and space saving installation
  1. Space saving – no buffer tank required with underfloor systems
  2. Reduced running costs and system efficiency - only one circulating pump needed instead of two
  3. None of the heat losses associated with buffer tanks – improved system efficiency and running costs
    • Suitable for new build and easily retrofitted to existing wet radiators or underfloor heating, this system offers the comfort advantages of individual time and temperature control for each radiator/underfloor zone in your home, via the app.
    • With air source heat pumps operating underfloor heating the intelligent valves maintain the optimum flow rate through your heat pump for maximum system efficiency. Even if valves are closed because room temperatures have been reached, these valves can open briefly to maintain the minimum required flow rate. This allows the Easytron valves to replace the function usually fulfilled by buffer tanks in heat pump systems whilst offering substantial benefits.
Examples of end user features and benefits
  • You can change the temperature for each room individually. You can adjust the temperature on the go in the app at any time. 
  • You can activate the holiday function on the go with your tablet or smartphone. The software will have learned how long it needs to heat the house up from scratch and will start the heating programme exactly in time to ensure that your house reaches target temperatures for your planned return date.
  • Different zones can be set for each family member who uses the app through their own access. This allows parents to designate children as users who are only allowed to regulate the temperature in their own room. Also incredibly useful for controlling a holiday annexe.
  • If your guests stay a little longer, you can activate the party function with just a few clicks in the app to ensure that the heating keeps the living rooms at temperature past the normal night-time setting.

A system to provide comfort and greater efficiency: With the Easytron app, individual heating is easier than ever. The app can be operated at any time, whether from home or on the go. It allows the recording of the room temperature and the setting of the desired temperature in each room.

Easytron requires WPM 4 controller and ISG. Please contact us for more information and to confirm the compatibility of your system.



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