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Stiebel Eltron

WWK 302 H Set

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Application • This compact direct hot water (DHW) heat pump is installed outdoors and efficiently supplies DHW to multiple draw-off points. • Can also be installed indoors in recirculation air mode. • Quick and easy installation: no settings necessary.

Convenience features • The robust appliance is noted for its long service life in outdoor installations. Contributing to this are the stove enamelled metal casing and the refrigerant circuit assemblies which are insulated from the air stream. • The sophisticated draw-off profiles ensure a very high level of hot water. • Heat pump-only mode enables very high volumes of mixed water to be achieved, in addition to hygiene-promoting water temperatures. • The electronic controller shows the currently available amount of mixed water on an LCD screen. The display is protected by a weatherproof cover. • Quiet operation thanks to compressor being sound-insulated from the air stream. • Reliable and cost saving due to the factory-fitted integral impressed current anode. A temperature and pressure safety valve (T&P valve) is included in the standard delivery.

Efficiency • Energy efficiency class A. Contributing to this is the spring-loaded roll-bond heat exchanger which ensures efficiency and safety throughout the entire service life of the appliance.

Available in: 302L



Product Features
  • Compact specially developed for outdoor installation
  • Also suitable for indoor installation (recirculation air mode)
  • High available mixed water amount and hygienic DHW temperatures > 61 °C in heat pump mode
  • Categorised in the highest possible energy efficiency class for water heaters
  • Permanently high efficiency and safety across the entire service life of the appliance, due to spring-loaded roll-bond heat exchanger
  • Reduced operating costs can be achieved via the intelligent interface to increase consumption of on-site photovoltaic energy
  • Display of the currently available mixed water amount via the LCD screen
  • Highly reliable and cost saving due to the impressed current anode integrated as standard

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